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Four Days in Jakarta

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Our honeymoon was fantastic. We spent our time in Indonesia, and while we were on our own in Jogjakarta and Bali, we were fortunate to have locals to guide us around. After arriving, we promptly headed into the mountains to explore a volcano, but upon returning, it was time to explore Jakarta, the nation’s capital.

One might think that there’s nothing to do, but you’d be wrong. In the morning we headed off to National Monument. Due to it being a public holiday, we couldn’t get tickets to go up the spire, but the scenery around the place was fantastic.

From there we went to the National Museum of Indonesia. It was closed, but a few thousand Rupiah greased some wheels and we were able to go inside. True to form, it included artifacts from the entire archipelago. Not only that, the exhibit included examples of local cultures.

Then it was off to Masjid Istiqlal, the largest mosque in South-east Asia. it happens to have been designed by a Christian… and right across the street is the Catholic Cathedral of Jakarta.

Our day then took us to Mangga Dua for discount shopping. You can’t believe the deals here.

The highlight of the trip was authentic ox tail soup on Mangga Besar. The place with the green sign: Sop Buntut! The meal was fantastic, and if you’re in the area, make sure you stop by!

Our last stops in Jakarta were at Sea World to go SCUBA diving in the main tank with all the fish and Taman Safari. I love diving. It was Jo’s first time and she pulled through like the amazing woman that she is. Taman Safari is a wild animal park. The drive through the paddocks was a blast, but not as fun as holding the baby animals.

A Volcanic Excursion…

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Check out our adventure!

Back and Ready for Action!!!!

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Who knew?

There’s something about a great cup of coffee. There’s something even better about getting it from the source. For the past few weeks, I’ve been absent from the internet, and now that I’m back, I’m extremely thankful I have my trusty morning beverage by my side as I go through hundreds of messages.

Where have I been on vacation??? Jo and I traveled to the Republic of Indonesia and have absolutely enjoyed our time there. While visited the nation back in 2007, I never really had the opportunity to explore its sights and culture. Jo had never been and our visit was two-fold. Not only did it serve as our honeymoon, but Jo has an old school/best friend that lives in Jakarta that she hasn’t seen in ages. This was the perfect trip for us!

What we did during our time in Jakarta will be the subject of upcoming posts, so I won’t spoil the details here… but I will say that I haven’t taken this many photos in a long time… then there’s the 45gb of video I took. I haven’t even started going through the footage yet; however, the image above is from the McDonald’s in Bali. Who knew that Ronald had such moves.

So how does one spend their time in Indonesia? One does it by being a tourist! Jo and I love exploring things, so when planning the trip, I let Jo handle everything with the caveat that I wanted a few easy days to relax, since after all, it was a vacation. On most days during our vacation, we started the morning at 6am or earlier… and ended the sight-seeing expeditions after 10pm. I have to hand it to Jo, she did an amazing job or putting together THE perfect itinerary. We had it all, great sights, great friends, great food, and a great time together.

While in Indonesia, we spent our time in three locations: Jakarta (the nation’s capital city), Jogjakarta (in central Java), and all over the island of Bali. Each of the three locations had something different to offer. Jakarta is a robust city, where the split between the “Haves” and the “Have-nots” is blatantly clear. It has some amazing attractions (not to mention very cheap). Jogjakarta brought us to the mystical side of Indonesia with a pair of magic trees and the largest Buddhist Temple in the world. Then there’s Bali, Indonesia’s Hindu paradise.

As I start the process of going through my materials, also be prepared for a few upcoming Korean Video projects. Currently, I’m updating the intro/outro for the travel projects. Before my departure, I also streamlined my videos online (and wound up removing half for various reasons). One of the things I’m really excited about is returning to Gyeongbokgung to re-shoot the video there in HD. It should prove to be amazing!

I hope you’re all doing well and thanks for sticking around and get ready for a fun, new year!

Written by Steve Miller

June 8, 2010 at 7:19 am