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The Round-Up

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This is going to be one of those blog entries that come in multiple parts.

PART ONE: When I took Mac into UBASE last week for the microphone issue, I thought they would simply replace it. however, they ran some checks and found nothing wrong with it. I was really pissed off and about to call Apple and request some mandatory action… then I did some research. Seems there’s something buggy with the past few versions of Skype causing microphone issues on Macs. I found a tone of TECH NOTES on the net. So I did some additional digging and found an older version of Skype (one where Jo and I didn’t have any issues) and installed that. So now we’re testing it out. Skype really does seem to affect the whole computer. Even iMovie will record static if Skype is open.

PART TWO: The whole UCC thing at school got a little more interesting yesterday. As I mentioned, the site was to go live on the 21st. As a good employee, I tried uploading my movies only to find out that a) the site was completely in Korean and b) I saw no login areas. I asked my boss what the procedure to get my videos online. Turns out the site still wasn’t live and won’t be until the 25th. UGH!!!!!!!

PART THREE: After two days of playing with the video files, the Busan Video is done! It was a fun little process and I think I’ve learned new ways of editing the new video files. I think I’ve even found a way to use the 24mbit recording mode and have the playback in Final Cut go well. The one thing that I will have to start doing is using an external drive to capture and edit the films. While I have about 60gb on my system, this project alone took up 23gb in files. Won’t somebody help me get a grant for a Mac Desktop system with a killer display and terabytes of storage???


Written by Steve Miller

January 22, 2010 at 9:22 am