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Recap: SeoulTube2010

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Photo by Hyunwoo Sun

The weekend has come and gone, and with it SeoulTube 2010! I had originally wanted to host a gathering in 2009, but never got around to organizing it. I wanted 2010 to be different, especially since there’s been a surge of great people coming into Korea making videos.

I thought it would be great if 20 or 30 people would come out and mingle. That’s not what happened! Instead over 60 arrived at Banpo Park, including a rep from Google/YouTube Korea.

As with my attendance at the 2008 San Francisco gathering, I opted not to take out my camera and just experience the event. I’m glad I did, since this gathering was quite different from that one and others my friends have attended or hosted. What I mean by this is usually 80% of the attendees make videos and everyone wants to make collaborations. At our event, I figure only 20% of the attendees made videos.

That ratio was surprising, but very cool. Because I really wanted to reach out and meet the viewing audience. As YouTubers, one can see view counts and read/respond to comments, but rarely do you ever see and interact with someone who doesn’t make videos. Having this opportunity to sit down and get to know people made everything worth while.

The other amazing thing about the event, was that we had people traveling from all over Korea to gather. I was thrilled to finally meet people who I’ve been watching for a long time, but were in other cities. I only wished I had more time and the event was longer.

A sincere thank you to everyone who came out and especially to Hyunwoo Sun for making the event a great success.

Check out Youngjun’s Video of the event!


Written by Steve Miller

September 27, 2010 at 9:35 am

Monday… Monday

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From the media pole!

The past few days have been amazing, but alas it is Monday once more and time to focus and get ready for work.

This past weekend was a great little get-away for Jo and I since we had a lot on our to-do list. It entailed traveling all over Seoul, picking up items from Craig’s List, seeing movies, breaking bread with friends, and visiting historic sites.

Probably the best part about the weekend, is that we just kind of took things step-by-step, having a few ideas of what we wanted to do , but being open to other opportunities along the way.

For example, we had completed all of our shopping on Saturday and had a few hours to kill before meeting up with our friends for dinner. While on the bus to Sinchon (신촌), we passed by a Megabox movie theater and decided to see if something was playing. We opted for Killers with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl.

It looked like it was going to be a cute comedy, and there were moments, but in the long run, it fell flat and was predictable. But for Jo and I, it served its purpose and allowed us some down time and time to get out of the summer heat in Korea. (Seriously, when is it going to end?)

Over the next few days, I’ll be reviewing some video footage to put together a quick video about a normal weekend in Korea. I hope you’re downtime was fulfilling. What did you do?

Written by Steve Miller

September 6, 2010 at 6:43 am

SeoulTube 2010

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It’s high time the Land of the Morning Calm hosts a YouTube Gathering, and what better place than Seoul- the nation’s capital.

Come join myself and cohost Hyunwoo Sun (ever4one) as we host SeoulTube 2010 right on the Han river at Banpo Hangang Park.

We’re planning on starting around 5pm on September 25th, so bring some food and beverages to enjoy while meeting others that utilize our favorite site. So come one, come all to this gathering whether you make videos or just enjoy watching them!

Got questions? Write them below or shoot me a message!

When: 2010-9-25, 5pm
Where: Banpo Hangang Park

See you there!

Written by Steve Miller

August 19, 2010 at 5:25 pm

Comfort Food

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I love pizza.

I love coffee.

I love greasy, greasy french fries.

They are the things that make me feel fantastic and provide that feeling inside that makes me warm all over.

What’s your comfort food?

Written by Steve Miller

August 17, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Little Travellers’ Seoul Scavenger Hunt

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Founded in 2005, Little Travellers assists the Hillcrest HIV/AIDS Center in South Africa. The Korean chapter held an exciting scavenger hunt in Seoul on July 10th to help raise funds. I teamed up with “Chris in South Korea” to tackle from of the more difficult tasks. It was an amazing day and we met some great people along the way.

The Race to Seoul

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Hyunwoo Sun and Steve Miller

This past weekend I had the opportunity to race with a friend. The whole story started a month ago, when Jo and met with Hyunwoo Sun in Seoul for a mini-gathering. At that time, he mentioned that he uses the subway heavily and oftens find it faster than any other mode of transportation in the city.

Coming from the outlying areas, I find the subway convenient, but very slow. Jo and I have spent a lot of time learning various bus routes and have found that we can get anywhere around the city faster than if we relied solely on the subway. This gave Jo the idea that Hyunwoo and I should race to see which one, the bus or subway, was the speediest method of transportation. We both loved the idea, since many Koreans only rely on the subway and most foreigners are too intimidated to learn bus routes.

But just how to go about it???

Since Hyunwoo had never traveled to Dongtan, I thought I’d invite him out for the day. He arrived Saturday morning and we spent a good two hours walking and playing around. He brought Jin Seokjin with him, and I have to say the four of us had a great time.

But it wasn’t long before it was time to get down to business. The race was simple: start from the bronze statue in the Dongtan Town Center and race to the statue of king Sejong in Gwanghwamun Plaza. Jo and I would take the bus and Hyunwoo and Seokjin would take the metro.

The entire experience was awesome and I was surprised at the result. It took me a day to edit all the footage and to see who won, you’ll have to watch the video.


Written by Steve Miller

May 4, 2010 at 8:00 am

Japanese Kit-Kats Galore!

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A few samples...

Last week, my friend Tonita spent a few days in Japan. Since I was a fan of the Wasabi Kit-Kats that Eric sent me, she was kind enough to bring me back a few new treats to sample.

Here’s a run down of what she brought:

* Banana Kit-Kat Bar: Tastes just like it sounds. Of the allotment, this was the most filling in terms of chocolate to biscuit.

*Custard Mini-Kit-Kats: My personal favorite. I loved these little guys.

*Mango Mini Kit-Kats: Very sweet and fruity. Too sweet for me!

*Cherry Blossom Kit-Kats: Green like the Wasabi Kit-Kats, but very tasty.

*Bourbon Chocolate Biscuits: A deeper chocolate taste, but sadly, no bourbon flavor came through.

Now, as Jo and I start to get ready for summer, I’m torn as to what to do with all this chocolate. I’d like to say I’ll be good and only have one or two a week… but I have a feeling I’ll be bad and have one or two an hour!

Here’s the video of me trying them all out!

Written by Steve Miller

April 11, 2010 at 10:24 am