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Bionics on!

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Oh, how I remember watching that show while growing up. It brought together two things that I really love: bionics and stupid-fun-cartoons. Truth be told, I don’t remember too much about the show these days, but I’m sure I could find something on YouTube if I wanted.

The reason this came to mind has been my recent bout of Physio at the doctor’s office. For the first few times, they just gave me heat, ultra-sound, and e-stim. However, after the fourth trip, they started using the device to the right.

It’s an altered air cast that has five zones. Each zone cycles through air and promotes circulation. It starts off at the feet, then the ankle. Then as it starts filling the lower calf, the foot deflates and so on. The therapy lasts for 15 minutes, and unlike the other ones I receive, forces me to sit-up straight (rather than lie down and take a nap).

Since the office started using this therapy, I’ve noticed that my knee has been healing much faster. In fact, with only two therapy sessions left, I’m looking forward to returning to the doctor’s office on Friday and asking to resume low-impact cardio exercise. It’s my hope that I can reduce the therapy to three times per week and resume working out on a full-time basis. Not going to the gym has been killing me (although I suspect that Jo enjoys me not coming home smelling like a locker).

This (hopeful) release will also mean that Jo and I can start climbing some mountains! With Fall right around the corner, I’m eager to show her the beauty of the land!

Take care!

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September 1, 2010 at 12:32 pm

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