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Our Stay on Corregidor

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Corregidor Island

Corregidor was an awesome adventure. It was something that Jo and I have been planning for some time. The day started off with a ferry ride across the bay and then a day tour on Corregidor. The tour was good, but rushed. The reason being, is that there’s only one ferry each day. So those not staying overnight, have to be back at the dock to head back to the mainland. Since there’s only one ferry, everyone is lumped into one group. So even though Jo, myself, and others had all day and night to explore, we were forced to cram everything in one afternoon.

We stayed at the Corregidor Inn. A nice little hotel on the island. Our room came with a rather large bathroom, king-sized bed, and excellent view of the Malinta Tunnel. The hotel also boasted a restaurant and bar, which we made good use of. The hotel also offers basketball and swimming facilities,too. In short, it’s a great little place to stay. I think in all the building there was one Television, but Jo and I opted not to partake in that, but enjoy the evening adventure package.

The evening tour starts out with a walk through the hospital ruins and then takes you out to one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. From there, you full explore Malinta Tunnel. It is a massive network of tubes originally built by Filipino prisoners in the 1920s. We pretty much explored all the main areas and even found one Japanese soldier’s femur bone. It was quire surreal to be inside at night. While the tour does provide flashlights, I recommend bringing your own, since the once provided didn’t last long.

The following morning, Jo and I slept in and treated ourselves to a great Filipino breakfast at the restaurant. From there, we went ziplining, right from the hotel to the beach. At the beach, we were met by the car and driver we had hired the previous day to take us around for a more personal view of the island. This was great, since it allowed us more time to explore some of the ruins in greater detail. It also allowed us to see some unexploded rounds, left over from WWII!

I have to say that this was a great experience, and if you’re in Manila, you should really take the time to visit Corregidor for two days.


Written by Steve Miller

August 10, 2010 at 4:06 am

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