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Spicy Ramyun!

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I love noodles. In fact, almost on a daily basis I consume a package of ramyun for lunch. Most of the time I dump in a cup of rice and add some meat, but every now and again, I’ll just have the noodles. One of the things I love about Korean ramyun, is that it’s full of spicy flavor. I often joke that there’s hot and really hot flavors. For the most part, that’s accurate, since there’s no really assorted styles like they have back home.

Dongmin and Myungsup, two friends I met at a World Cup Match, told me there was some really spicy ramyun out there. I was doubtful, since I’ve tried most everything spicy here in Korea, and haven’t found it such. But after having a recent dinner with them, they showed me what they meant and I purchased a 5-pack.

The ramyun is indeed spicy. In fact, it’s damn spicy. It’s probably the hottest thing I’ve had in Korea to date. As I was eating the noodles and gulping the broth, I kept drinking lots and lots of water. All-in-all, I finished it, but also spent the next hour peeing like there was a fire nearby.

/// BREAK ///

I got a picture from the rafting trip! Check it out!

Michelle, Steve, Kiwan, and John


Written by Steve Miller

July 20, 2010 at 4:19 am

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