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Summer is here, and after a month-long break from working out at the gym, I returned this week. I’ve decided that for the next few weeks, rather than lift, I’m going to focus on running. This should do wonders for relieving stress, but I might find out that I need to pump some iron as Intensives approach.

Coming from Arizona, I really have no aversion to the heat, and honestly, I quite like it. Even the humidity this year hasn’t been too bad. But what I don’t enjoy is baking when indoors.

A recent night at the school’s office, found us asking the question, “Why is it so hot in here?” The answer was an astonishing, “Someone set the bloody aircon/heater to 33!”

I tell this story, because of the gym. While the woman who hated the aircon last summer is long gone, others have taken up her cause. Today’s workout temperature: 31C or 88F. That’s indoors! It was actually 3C cooler outside than indoors. That is just wrong.

I’m not an advocate of freezing the gym (as was the practice of some paces I’ve worked out in the US), but I think an average temperature of 25C (77F) is appropriate.

For those that work out, what temperature does your gym keep it at?

Written by Steve Miller

July 14, 2010 at 4:43 am