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The Saturday Outing!

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One of our last few Saturdays rolled around this weekend (before our vacation) and Jo and I were trying to decide what to do. Luckily, my friend Hyunwoo sent me a text message on Friday letting me know of a culinary festival in Yangjae. Just what was this festival???

It was the 2010 Topokki Festival. Don’t recognize Topokki? May you will if I write it as tteokbokki! No matter how it’s romaized, it’s still λ˜‘λ³Άμ΄! The purpose of the festival is to highlight some of the new and amazing dishes people are making. The Korean Culinary Institute is making the push for topokki to be the next major exported food from Korea.

The entrance fee was W2,000 and that got you into two exhibit halls. The lower level was by far the best, since it had all the food. πŸ˜‰ I didn’t even get a chance to fully enter the floor area before being stopped by two university students that were conducting interviews with foreigners. It was a grand experience and I was finally able to introduce to Jo my favorite Korean food.

We tried the traditional Topokki, listened to the Topokki song (several times) and then found one of our favorite new styles of this Korean delicacy: a spaghetti based topokki dish. Words cannot describe how awesome it was. I mean, it was sooo tasty! It had everything: beef, vegetables, spaghetti, sauce, tteok, and a little spice!

The second floor of the exhibition was devoted to products one uses when making this delicious treat. I didn’t find it all that interesting, but one thing that was fantastic was a small tteok filled with either chocolate or cheese. All during the exhibition, Jo kept on saying that they should develop a hollow tteok and then fill it with some sort of stuffing! Low and behold, we found it! The chocolate was great, but the cheese filling was even better!

After the festival, Jo and I hopped on the 470 and went back to Gwanghwamun (it really seems to be our favorite area of Seoul). The purpose of this visit was to check out the King Sejong museum. I’ve been before and found it quite interesting. There are several entrances, but my favorite is the one right underneath the Sejong Statue.

The museum is free (yay!) and has everything in English and Korean. Foreigners can also rent (for free) an mp3 player that explains each stop along the way. While there, Jo and I also discovered the Admiral Yi museum… this of course will require another trip back to the plaza (oh shucks… twist my arm). During this trip, I hope to finally take Jo to Gyeongbok Palace!

So there was our Saturday! Sunday we remained in Dongtan to take care of several housecleaning items (like laundry). Overall, this was one of our best and favorite weekends in Korea. For those in Korea, if you can find a copy of Speakeasy Magazine, you’ll see that Jo has three photos published in the May issue. Of all the photos submitted, hers were definitely the best (but, hey, I’m biased). I’m so proud that she is now a published photographer!


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