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The Cherry Blossoms of Dongtan

The nice weather that we had on Tuesday didn’t last long… but at least the heat did! For really the first time in several months, the weather has been warm enough on a consistent basis to walk around outside without a jacket and partake in some of the beauty that spring provides.

Unfortunately, the sun isn’t expected to stay much longer and the forecast for Wednesday through Friday is for rain. I mean, would it kill Mother Nature to give us warmth and sun for an entire week?

The nice thing about this rain, if it can ever said to be nice, is that most of the time it is slated to fall in the evening hours. That I can deal with, since I’m hoping to take advantage of the daytime hours and get out a little bit.

In some other related news, I was reading an article yesterday about the Cheonan, and a prominent South Korean is calling for some hard measures against the DPRK, should they be found responsible for the ROKS vessel’s sinking. Of everything I’ve read so far, I think Joo Seong-Ha of Nambuk Story has the best strategy (as translated by The Korean):

If this is North Korea’s doing, we must retaliate. If we are to retaliate, we must strike where it hurts. If we do not have the mental fortitude to do so, we should not even start.

There is only one place at which North Korea hurts: the safety of Kim Jong-Il’s family and confidants and by extension the maintenance of the authoritarian system. That is the only place. Any retaliation that does not point to this place is no retaliation at all. There is no way to extract a surrender from Kim Jong-Il other than making him bet his own life.

If this is North Korea’s doing, I would announce that the price for the Cheon-An will be taken from no one other than Kim Jong-Il personally, and that Kim Jong-Il and his cronies should be ready to pay with their lives. Then, no matter what the cost, we need about three stealth bombers sitting at the airfield. If we cannot buy them, we must rent them from America. If America will not give them to us, we must get it from France or Russia. And we must make Kim Jong-Il afraid that no matter when, no matter where, he may personally be bombed. We must recall that Kim Jong-Il was always extremely sensitive whenever a U.S. stealth bomber visited South Korea.

Then I would announce that all pre-existing agreements between North and South Korea are canceled, and resume the propaganda battle through loudspeaker broadcasting at the DMZ. We must also resume the reconnaissance battle along the North Korea-China border. In this battle, North Korea cannot help but be at a disadvantage with their border stretching several thousand kilometers. Furthermore, South Korea has the money to pay for it.


Written by Steve Miller

April 22, 2010 at 4:36 am

2 Responses

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  1. The weather has been really weird here too. And you can’t really plan for anything either, because suddenly it can rain, or snow, or even become really hot! All in one day! :S So I hope it stabilizes soon!


    April 23, 2010 at 3:12 pm

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