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Rumble in the Rising Sun!

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“We’re back with the YouTube Family Feud. This week we’ve got two awesome contestants…” is how I started the show this time. A few months have passed sine I last recorded a Feud, and this was the first one done in the new apartment (and in front of Jo).

After doing it in this location, I have to say that this set up was perfect. The area for the green screen made the laying in the chroma key filter easy and uniform. Using the H2 as the skype mic and the audio for my video track was easy too – and it provided a nice little extra voice quality for those on the other end.

This YouTube Family Feud features two prominent YouTubers from Japan. EricSurf6 has quite a following and young Philip is a rising star as well. Both gentlemen were great sports and had a lot of fun playing the game. So much so, that editing the show proved to be quite a little challenge in some cases, since there was so much audio overlap. In all, the taping was just a little longer than normal– but editing was still right on par (1 minute of video representing about an hour of editing and rendering).

I hope you enjoy this little show, I know I did!


Written by Steve Miller

February 3, 2010 at 9:32 am

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