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New, New Digs: Redux

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Over the past week, Jo has been making the rounds at various stores, looking for what is needed to make this OfficeTel a home. Her favorite site (and mine as well) has been G-Market. It’s a Korean website owned by EBay. It allows internet sellers to sell directly to the public as well as hold auctions. In fact, if you could merge Ebay and Amazon, you’d have G-Market!

While many have commented on the flower wall paper (sorry, there’s nothing I can really do to get rid of that), we actually kind of dig the old school feel it has in the place. The transformation that has taken place here is amazing, and I can’t wait to shoot the new video.

Now, some may be wondering why I want to do this. Well, the answer is simple. We’ve made some huge changes to the apartment. First, the cooking area is a little different and hold more goods and is better organized. The sitting area also boasts a unique sofa-bed that we both love. Finally, we’ve added a new cooking device (or will – it still needs to ship) that I can’t wait to show everyone!

All that has made our life in this flat amazing. We’re really looking forward to having a few friends come over this weekend to check out the sofa. What makes it so grand, is that it rests on the floor, presenting a perfect viewing angle for the PAVV (Samsung) LED TV that’s affixed to the wall by the staircase.

But let’s get back to G-Market. The site is expansive and you really can find anything you’re looking for (even water delivery service). But the main drawback, is that while there is an English version of the site… once you elect to order something, it dumps you into come complicated Korean text. That’s all right, since I normally have a list of things to purchase and bring it to my manager. Then he can input the order, call the seller if there are any questions, and pay (since he has an account already). I just give him the cash and it’s all done.

The great thing about it is we purchased the sofa on Tuesday, paid W3,000 for delivery, and received the sofa the next day. It was an amazing experience. In addition, I was able to purchase two 7.5v adapters for my iPhone. I’m thankful for that too, since today, Jo was online with her sisters via Skype and I was able to take two phone calls on the Linksys phone at the same time. All using the same Skype Account. It was brilliant.


Written by Steve Miller

December 10, 2009 at 1:15 pm

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