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A Foggy Sunday

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Cheers!Greetings on a rainy and foggy Sunday morning. As I sit here on the floor with my cup of coffee, I’m looking out the big window and can’t even see Suwon any more. I love days like this and I can’t wait until the weather cools even more and we get some snow. Somehow, I think being able to see the flakes falling from this vantage point will be amazing!

The move is complete and for the most part I’m settled into the New, New Digs. However, I’m waiting post pictures and the video until I get my sofa and table (which should be tomorrow). Then I can put together something very nice. One thing that I do really enjoy is the fact that there’s an LCD TV installed onto the wall downstairs. For the past week, I’ve been hooking my laptop up to the television to watch various shows and movies. Last night was Mamma Mia! again, complete with a great Dancing Queen routine.

Today, I’m heading into 강남 (Gangnam) to look for a new computer backpack, since mine is starting to fall apart. I am a bit disappointed that it is, since I spent about $200 on it. But the fault stems from the weather proof zippers. I guess they aren’t really used to having someone put it through the paces. I’m also going to be picking up a wireless router. That will be very important for Jo and I. You see we’ll both have computers, but more importantly, Jo is bring with her my Skype Phone (which happens to be called an iPhone).

Once we knew that Jo would be coming out here, I purchased an incoming Skype number for our families to easily contact us, as well as the unlimited US/Canada plan. Right now, the US number I have rings to my computer… but that’s where the router and Skype Phone come into play. It allows the phone to log into Skype without the computer and we can use it like a real cordless phone. It’s brilliant!

There is one spot of bad news… On Friday, while I was doing a little computer work, I spilled 녹차 (green tea) on the keyboard. I’m very thankful that there was no damage to the main computer hardware, but the keyboard didn’t fare so well. There are two keys that no longer function: 1) the little ‘fn’ key that I use to operate the Apple controls and to navigate in Word, and 2) the ‘x’ key. Granted I don’t use the latter that much, but some of my friends have that letter in their email addresses, and I really don’t like having to plug in my eternal keyboard for one letter (or bringing up the virtual keyboard).

So once we have the other computers all set in the new apartment, I’m going to drop the old MacBook Pro at a# in the COE and have it fixed (see… there’s one of the two broken keys causing problems again!!!).

I do hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. How many back in States took part in Black Friday shopping trips? Did you get any great deals? Jo picked up a 500gb Western Digital Passport Drive for $70. That was amazing!!!

Until net time, have a great weekend!


Written by Steve Miller

November 29, 2009 at 9:58 am

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