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Happy Halloween!

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Pirate Steve

The sun has fallen here in the Land of the Morning Calm and while I wish I could report that the weather was frightful for little ghosts and ghouls, I’ll just say that it is frightful… and for once the weather forecasters were correct in saying that it would rain all weekend. The rain started earlier today around 10am and hasn’t let up. It will continue through tomorrow night, making it a rather damp weekend. I applaud all my friends that are venturing out this evening, but I will simply coil up in my room with some good tunes and finish off my book.

A frightful entrance

A frightful entrance

It may sound a little boring, but for the past two days, I’ve been inundated with so much Halloween, that the thought of going out again doesn’t appeal to me at all. You see, like most English Academies in Korea, our school exposes the kids to several cultural things related to America, Halloween being one of them. So for two days, the entire staff dressed up in costume and ran 100 minute Halloween games that included trick or treating through the halls of our school.

I was hard pressed to get a costume, because I’m 194cm tall and most of the costumes are only 180-185cm in height. I originally wanted to be Super Cow, but I couldn’t find a full-body cow costume to fit. It was going to epic is a big, red cape, mask, and the words “Udderly Fantastic” written on my chest. I may still do it next year. My second idea, was to get a giant banana costume and do a little “peanut butter jelly time” at the school, but the only way to get a costume that would fit was to order it from the States, and it would have wound up costing me a small fortune to get it to Korea. The final solution was an 11th hour Hail Mary pass that scored big.

John (the other native teacher at school) and I went to E-Mart after work Wednesday to look for something. I had been all around Dongtan that day but never found what I needed. Finally, we found a small assortment of masks and hats. I settled on the Pirate look, since I am bald. The set came with an eye patch, gold hoop earring, and a plastic head scarf. The look was pretty solid and I got some great compliments. I really appreciated the look, since it only cost me W1,400. What a steal!

To celebrate the Halloween event being over, John and I went out to Wa Bar for a few drinks and met up with a new addition to the Dongtan community. We also had the opportunity to meet up with some older friends and meet a couple of Brits and Germans in town on business. The night ended (as it usually does) with a trip to 에리스 노래방 (Alice Noraebang). We belted out the tunes until 3am when I called it quits. I was informed today by John that he and the others were at the Family Mart until 6am, drinking the night away. Now that is an all-nighter.

State of repair

I would have stayed up all night, but I had to get back and obtain a little shut-eye, since the repair folks were coming in the morning to work on the AirCon unit once more. They told me that they were coming at 10am… but the doorbell went off bright and early at 8:30am. I was not pleased. For two hours they worked on the unit, trying to salvage it. In the end, they gave up. I had thought they were going to replace it today, but that’s not the case. It seems that there are no replacement units available until APRIL 2010.


How can a company not have any kind of replacement until after the first quarter of 2010. That six months down the road before they’ll be able to get it functioning. I’m glad that the heater part of the unit works and that I’ll be moving out in four weeks. Just so there’s no confusion, the name of the brand of AirCon is Haier and is from China. It’s a worthless piece of crap. Never buy anything made by that company since their repair staff is useless and have no intention of honoring their support contracts. Not being able to offer a solution for eight months is pure incompetence.


Written by Steve Miller

October 31, 2009 at 7:18 pm

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  1. Happy Halloween Steve! We must be showing our age…. drinking till 6 am doesn’t seem fun anymore. Wonder why???LOL


    October 31, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    • Perhaps. I have a good 10 years on my teaching counterparts…. although the Germans were about my age. I’ve done it a few times here in Korea, but prefer to get to bed about 2-3 am so I can salvage the following day.


      October 31, 2009 at 8:03 pm

  2. Nice pictures!
    I’m sorry to hear about your AC. 😦
    Though I did laugh when I read the title of one of the possibly related posts: “Where’s the love?”


    October 31, 2009 at 9:16 pm

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