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Bad Taste

Bad Taste

It’s been in the news around Australia and in several media outlets. I was going to give this topic a pass, but felt that I just couldn’t, since it disgusts me to no end.

Over in Australia, there was a show called Hey, Hey It’s Saturday! Think of it as a three hour comedy-variety show with several segments. It was taken off the air a few years back and recently had a two part live reunion broadcast on Australian Television. One of the segments is a talent(less) contest, that really seems to rip off the Gong Show from what I’ve seen in the published clip. This is where the problem begins.

A group planned to do a Michael Jackson skit.

That’s not a big deal, but was is that they came out in blackface. This is where I start to lose it.

But the man who dressed as Jackson in the segment, which was an encore of the skit first performed on Red Faces 20 years ago, said the group had checked with the show’s producers on whether it should go ahead.

Dr Anand Deva said the act was meant to be a tribute to Michael Jackson and if Hey Hey staff had expressed concern, it would have been axed.

“All six of us discussed this at length whether or not we should put this on because we realised it may be controversial,” he said. “We did go to the trouble of checking with the production staff and they seemed to OK it.”

It blows my mind that no one in the production office that this act would be in bad taste. With all the Australian government has done in the past year to make right with its genocidal acts of the past, I find it deplorable that people still think that demeaning a people as a whole would ever be considered comedy. But then again it wasn’t until 1967 that Aborigines were counted in the census as human beings and not animals – so it’s easy to see why Australia has such a far way to go.

Who would ever think this was ok?

Who would ever think this was ok?

Harry Connick, Jr. was a guest on the show and spoke up instantly saying that something like that wouldn’t fly in the States. Later in the broadcast, Harry Connick, Jr. received an on-air apology, and rightly so.

Since this story came out, there have been two camps. One that recognizes this as a racists act and one that thinks people are too sensitive and not familiar with Aussie humor. The latter camp is also quick to point out that the members of the group are multiracial, so how could it ever be construed as racist?

It’s this attitude that I find disgusting.

It shows a complete lack of thought about humanity. Simply because someone doesn’t intend to do something offensive, doesn’t absolve them of the fact that the act was committed. Furthermore, ignoring aspects of the dialog on race relations highlights one’s own bigotry and lack of compassion.

Blogger and fellow YouTuber, AngryAussie, posted a video (LANGUAGE WARNING – NSFW) the other day that I think perfectly describes the problem in Australia: [Many Australians] just don’t think about black people. I think that these words are completely true, given the controversy last year regarding the apology made to the Stolen Generation. People came out in scores saying that the government shouldn’t apologize for its genocidal policy.

What are they thinking?

Oh, that’s right… they aren’t.

Anytime someone does something that humiliates a people… it’s racism, not comedy. As long as there are people in the world that fail to see this, we, as a whole, can never move forward and live in peace. We need to realize that our actions affect one another and that an act of hate, no matter how small or unintentional, is still an act of hate.

The CNN Analysis: Spot-on!


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  1. omg! I totally agree with you 100%

    Perez Christina

    October 10, 2009 at 3:34 pm

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