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Remembering Kim Dae-jung

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Last week Kim Dae-jung passed away. I’ve heard his age being report anywhere from 83 to 95. No one seems to know for sure, but what does age really matter. Those outside of Korea may not fully understand the impact that Kim Dae-jung had on this country, but in short, his government made the first concerted efforts to unify the peninsula. It was an effort that garnered him the Nobel Peace Prize.

A Shrine to Kim Dae-jung

A Shrine to Kim Dae-jung

Beginning this weekend, I started seeing several shrines popping up all over the Seoul area. Most of them were located near subway stations or in high traffic areas. They invited people to come up and write a note and then pray inside the shrine. I stopped by a few of them in Dongtan, Suwon, and Hongdae this weekend and watched people pay their final respects. It was quite moving.

It made me think of how people mourned for Michael Jackson just a short time ago. I never felt a connection to the singer, and his personal life disgusted me, but that aside, I guess there truly is a need for closure to allow people to move on to greater things.


Written by Steve Miller

August 24, 2009 at 6:00 am

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