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Sometimes, I bite off more than I can chew.

I had planned only one day of down time during this vacation and thought I’d spend the rest of it traveling to various places in Korea and seeing a new thing every day.

It was a good plan, but after running around so much the past two months, my body found itself enjoying the ability to sleep in late everyday. And when push came to shove, it really loved staying in bed until 3pm on Thursday. It’s something that I’ve not done since college, and really don’t make a regular habit of, since I don’t like lounging around all that often. But I have also learned over the years to listen to my body.

When it says it needs a break, I let it have one. For I like to push it through to the extremes!

So today, I went out in the afternoon and had an Americano at my favorite place followed up by a quick walk to E-Mart to obtain some extra bed linens. Then it was attempt number two at getting some pizza to my room.

Now, since I’ve been back, I’ve had my fare share of pizza from a local joint, but like so many things, you can tell the difference between something that is inexpensive and something that costs a fair amount. Normally, I’m content with the W6000 combination pizza that I get delivered (for an extra W1000). But seeing this is vacation, I thought I would splurge and order Mr. Pizza (Love… for Women is their tag line… something I have research one day).

I tried to do this yesterday, but they have no English operators and my attempts at giving them my address failed miserably. It’s not because I don’t know where I live or how to pronounce it, it’s because when calling Mr. Pizza you call a centralized number and they farm the order out. I couldn’t understand what they were asking, so I couldn’t give them the information in the correct order. So today, I came up with a new plan.

Ask for help!

While I am slowly being able to become more proficient at reading Hangul, understanding and speaking it is an entirely different story. So my plan today was to walk into the building’s security office and have them give the directions to the apartment. It took a few minutes of comical explanations before they got the idea, but before long, they had given all the directional information and I was on the phone placing the order.

Twenty minutes later there was a ring at the door and my W21500 pizza arrived. It was very, very tasty and well worth the effort.

Enjoy your night and I’ll keep you filled in on the rest of my adventures this weekend… for nothing will stop me form exploring the fortress or Caribbean Bay!


Written by Steve Miller

July 30, 2009 at 7:18 pm

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