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Chopstick Master? I think not!

So I have been in Korea one month. As I sit here in the Teacher’s prep room I find it almost hard to believe. I guess there’s something to be said for keeping your days busy so you mind doesn’t wander back onto things you miss most (like Jo and my family and friends). The passing of this time was marked Friday night by an all-employee party at the school.

Those of us that live in the area (about 60%) quickly went home to drop off computers and make a quick change, and then joined the crew at one of the thousands several BBQ places that line the business district. From there on, it was party central with soju, beer, and wine flowing into our moths and meat into our stomachs. There was laughter, fun conversations, and a birthday celebration too. The whole event lasted several hours and was a blast. During the evening, our boss and head teacher commented on my proficient use of chopsticks.

I guess I really never really thought about it, but I do love them so. Since I’ve been back in Korea, I haven’t had all that many meals that require their use though. When I make lunch, I often include my rice and noodles into the soup broth, but after a few minutes, all the liquid is gone and it makes more sense to use a spoon than chopsticks. I also don’t eat out often, making just a sandwich for dinner, so no opportunities for Chinese cuisine or other Asian delicacies.

I think I may have to change that tonight since I have about another 2 hours before my first class.

I digress.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that Korea is starting to feel more like home to me. Jo noticed it a while back, but I kind of brushed it off as being productive at work again. But as the time has passed here, I find that I really do love the environment and people. I find this quite strange, since I always imagined myself settling into a place with mountains similar to Flagstaff, Arizona. But having access to mass transit here, friends with cars, and major mountains within an hour’s drive really suits me. I also enjoy the fact that once Jo comes, I’ll have a permanent travel partner with the same sense of adventure!

This upcoming vacation, I’ve decided to stay local, but during that time, I plan on visiting a few choice places… and going on a hike or two. It should be an awesome time and one that I’m looking forward to sharing with Jo soon.


Written by Steve Miller

July 7, 2009 at 4:06 pm

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