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I recall Central Park…

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I really think one of the most amazing things about going to live in a new place is heading out and exploring your surroundings. This doesn’t mean you have to go out and move to a different country, but I think it’s something that you should do when you move to any new town. I aimed to do that on Saturday, and I was pleasantly surprised.

First up, I have to admit, I’m having problems sleeping. I really don’t know what it is, but for some reason, I find myself waking up around 04.30 or 05.00 each day. It’s only when I stay out past 01.00 that I manage to stay in bed past 07.00. The benefit to this is that it allows me plenty of time to get required business taken care of in the morning and then the remainder of the day to play (it is the same approach I took in college).

So after taking care of morning business on Saturday, I quickly went to the market to buy some additional groceries. I was thankful that it opened a bit earlier, so I managed to get everything and stock my refrigerator. Then I proceeded out to the bus stop to make the trek to Lotte Mart. While I was very familiar with the Lotte in Yongin, this store had a different design, and I found myself wandering for a long time trying to find such goodies as my Vitamin C Lemon Drops and Mustard. Needless-to-say, there was a little happy dance performed when I found each.

I then came back to the apartment and then went out to one of the coffee shops in the area. Not to have coffee (I know you’re shocked), but rather to make use of their free Internet. I cannot tell you how much it is driving me insane not having a live connection here in the apartment! When you’re overseas away form loved ones, having the net for email and Skype is a necessity. Being locked away in my room isn’t bad, as I have plenty of music and movies to watch, but trying to connect with Jo and my family just isn’t happening on the level that I’d like at the moment.

That being said, I did manage to have Skype conversations with my mother and Jo, and it was great! The only thing that wasn’t great was that both coffee shops I went to did not have any power plugs. Therefore, once my battery was depleted, I had to pack up and go home. One of the coffee shops has a stand alone computer and I think I’m going to swing back there and see if I can utilize one of their plugs today for a longer computing session.

The Fountains at Central Park

When that was complete, I decided it was time to get out and explore! My original intent was to seek out the closer of the two metro stations in the Dongtan area. I fortunately got side tracked in Dongtan Central Park.

I was really impressed with this site and will return to make a full HD film of the site. Here are a few pictures of my walk. As you can see, Dongtan is still very much under construction (yes, they even start at 07.00 on the weekends). However, their vision is amazing. Throughout the city are beautiful sculptures and everything is lined with trees. In fact, the city planners aren’t wasting any time, and are planting large trees to provide shade for its dwellers at once. Coming from the desert, it’s so nice to see all this green.

Time and time again, the thing that really impresses me about the city planning in Korea is the devotion to fitness. It’s something that’s only now catching on in the US, but to see older cities (like Yongin) with public running tracks and work-out stations and Dongtan with a centralized fitness and gathering area is really a breath of fresh air. I really liked the waterfall, fountains, and pavilion in the park. Since the 6th was Memorial Day, the park was filled (although with such great resources, I’m sure it will be filled each weekend). I am really looking forward to returning there and trying my hand at golf and maybe trying to join a soccer league.

That’s all for this entry. For some thoughts on moving abroad, check out this video.


Written by Steve Miller

June 7, 2009 at 1:11 pm

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