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The Capitol

The Capitol

It is such a joy to travel in the United States… not!

As Jo and I were preparing to depart on our DC odyssey, I wondered if I was going to encounter trouble at the airport. This is mainly because the idiots that work for the TSA have consistently been some of the dumbest I’ve ever seen at any airport. I was not disappointed on this trip either.

Unfortunately, to make use of our free tickets, Jo and I had to fly different airlines, and thus were remanded to different gate areas. As I went through security screening, I did the usual: took off my flip-flops, took out my laptop, and prepared to empty my pockets. I went into the “pro” line, since I do travel quite a bit and know the routine.

However, I guess those at the TSA are not that familiar with technology or what it takes to make movies. My backpack caused quite a stir, since it had multiple hard drives, cameras, batteries, iPods, and cables. Even though most were compartmentalized, and other airports had no problems with the set-up (Incheon, Beijing, LAX, SFO, etc.), the folks at this airport asked me to step aside and swab every little corner of my bag and asked me why I had so much gear.

I have to say, that flying US domestic is not fun. When you fly an international carrier (even if it is a domestic flight) is far better. They provide you with food and beverages. In the US… we get NOTHING.

Once in DC, Jo and picked up our car and drove out to my brother’s place. We got in a little late and immediately went out to dinner with him and some friends. Thursday we took a tour of the Capitol and Library of Congress. It’s so nice to visit DC during a holiday, there’s so much going on and to see, that you’re never bored.

Tonight, we’re headed out on a special night tour of the Washington Monuments, something that I’m really looking forward to capturing on film!


Written by Steve Miller

May 23, 2009 at 3:39 am

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