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The dangers of the “New Job Hunt”

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With the downturn in the economy, there have been more articles written about how to get a job in the past year, than I can count. They talk about how people are using sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even creating domains to get a job.

Many have been successful in securing that new position this way; however, many more have not. My friend on YouTube made a video about how she’d never get a job in her area because of the videos she made and it finally seems that HR managers are waking up to the fact, that checking up on people before hiring them could get them into sticky waters.

You see social networking was originally designed to help people meet new friends and date. As such, nearly everyone who uses these sites puts personal information on-line. Information that has nothing to do with how one performs at work, but may make them look like a less than desirable candidate (do you really want to see Steve at the norebang?)

Recruiters either intentionally or unintentionally take this extracurricular activity into consideration when creating their short-lists… and BAM they run right into privacy concerns because while the information is in a public forum, the company is essentially snooping into their private lives. This snooping puts organizations on shady legal grounds, as it could bias their decisions when drafting the short-list.

Two HR managers have come out this week stating that they are not willing to risk lawsuits posed by potential employees who feel that a picture on a social networking site cost them the job. Pundits will go back and forth on this issue during the course of the next year or so, but take my word, there will be a lawsuit testing this out within the next two years.


Written by Steve Miller

April 29, 2009 at 9:43 pm

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