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A video story...

A video story...

It’s been said that the moment we cease to learn… we die. I’m not sure that statement is really true, but I usually feel stagnant if I am not challenging myself by learning something new. So this past week, I decided to buckle up and start learning languages again.

Now, I’ve taken up learning Tagalog/Filipino and will be learning Chinese soon as well. I had tried to use a text book, but without a guided structure to really hit home the facts, I found myself lacking in progression.

So I bucked up and plopped down the cold hard credit card and bough a 6-month subscription to Rosetta Stone. It’s money well spent. I’ve used other computer-based learning programs and audio CDs, but nothing gets you up and running faster than Rosetta Stone. In fact, I hope I can keep up my current pace, for I will be able to finish both levels before my subscription expires.

I was actually torn between ordering the computer program vs. on-line service, since once you cancel the subscription, you never have access to the learning again. But looking back to how often I’ve gone back to the Rosetta Stone software I bought two years ago, I figured the on-line system would be all right, especially since I can print off the student text and go back to it time and time again.

One of the unforeseen benefits of acquiring the on-line program has been access to the entire catalog of learning programs. Well, 3 lessons per language. I decided to pop into the Chinese one to see of the lessons. Rosetta has it broken down into romanized letters, old characters, and new characters.

Oy! That will be a challenge!


Written by Steve Miller

March 17, 2009 at 8:17 am

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