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The Doctor Is In

The Doctor Is In

Since returning to the United States, I’ve been conducting an extensive job search. While I certainly am enthralled about the chance to be the Island Caretaker of the Great Barrier Reefs, I also realize that I must pursue local opportunities to pay the bills. In my search, one of the topics that most often comes up is whether or not I’ll be resuming my business. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Client: STEVE! OMFG!!!! You’re back in the US! That’s Awesome! I’ve been reading your blog and watching your videos. They’re fantastic!

Me: Thanks. I’m glad to be back home with everyone again.

Client: So…. When are you starting your business again?

Me: I probably won’t.

Client: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!??!

Me: I enjoyed helping people all those years, but I’m just not interested in doing it as a business anymore. I’d rather simply use my skills as needed to help someone every once in a while.

Client: Awesome, because as happy as I was to see your awesome adventures, I’m really glad that you’re back. DON’T EVER LEAVE AGAIN!

Me: O.o

For those not all that familiar with my personal history, I owned and operated a Massage Clinic from 2002 through 2008. Now I use the term massage clinic in this post, since that’s what my business license was listed under. It also assisted my in getting clients through the Yellow Pages and other online searches. I, however, was much more than a massage therapist.

This was what was on the header of my website:

Welcome to Healing Chi Therapeutic Bodyworks, Arizona’s premiere center for pain management. When we think of pain management, thoughts often turn to mainstream medicine and “alternative medicine.” What most medical professionals fail to realize is that “alternative medicine” has been in existence for more than 5,000 years and that “western medicine” is the alternative to how most people in the world are treated every day.

The main difference between these two approaches is that “western medicine” most often seeks to address symptoms rather than root causes. This is normally seen by the vast array of drugs physicians prescribe in hopes that they’ll mask the symptoms long enough for the body to correct itself. This is quite dangerous, because while the symptoms are masked, the patient may aggravate the condition and actually make things worse. Using a comprehensive approach, we look to isolate the underlying cause and correct it, thus allowing our clients to progress towards their health goal.

What I did was a modern application of Chinese Medicine. Sure I did massage, but that was something that really didn’t require a whole lot of thinking. What I specialized in was finding the root cause of pain and eliminating it. Forever. The process was simple in my mind:

Healing Chi Therapeutic Bodyworks has crafted a 5 Step approach to not only address pain, but to eliminate it permanently. This is done by incorporating Traditional Chinese Medicine and 21st Century technology. This comprehensive approach goes beyond the symptoms and corrects the actual cause of the pain and discomfort.

Step 1 – Neurological Testing
Treatment begins by completing a complex series of neurological tests. These tests reveal the current state of the nervous system and discover if any abnormal signals are present. Erroneous signals cloud the body’s ability to function properly and can create dysfunctional systems (pain). Once the information is collected, these dysfunctional signals are corrected.

Step 2 – Structural Integration
Attention is placed on ensuring the spine, hips, legs, and other bones of the body are in their proper place. Rather than using hard, thrusting, and jarring motions, Cold Lasers and passive stretching are used to ease the body back into its optimal position.

Step 3 – Soft Tissue Therapy
This phase directly addresses the soft tissue around the painful areas. Using very light pressure, the various layers of tissue (skin, connective tissue, muscles, etc.) are relaxed. This is a key component of the pain removal process that is most often ignored by healthcare practitioners – but not here. As the tissue is relaxed, the body is retrained to accept its new pain-free configuration.

Step 4 – Herbal Therapy
This step provides the groundwork to allow the body to heal as quickly as possible. Since ancient times, traditional healers have used special herbs to promote health. Several herbal remedies have been shown to greatly enhance organ function and provide pain relief. A series of tests is conducted to determine which, if any, herbal remedies may enhance your recovery. These natural medicines have no ill effects and speed you back to health.

Step 5 – Self Care
The final phase of therapy allows the patient to be directly in control of their care. Key acupuncture points related to pain are discussed with instructions on how to use them effectively (without needles). With the body in proper position, muscles and nerves functioning properly, and herbal remedies providing additional support, these points enhance key organs and muscles and complete the recovery plan. In addition, stretching exercises are provided to assist in the ongoing relaxation of tight tissue.

See, it’s simple. The funny things would happen when my clients would refer me out to their friends. They’d try to explain what I did, calling it pushing, pulling, and pinching stuff. This wasn’t exactly the best sales pitch, so when I did get a referral they really didn’t know what to expect. I recently had such an experience.

A client referred a mother/daughter to me. The mother was suffering from some longtime shoulder injuries that resulted from a bad fall. In 9 minutes I had restored full range of motion and the pain had completely abated. When it was the daughter’s turn, she was very skeptical of the AK testing that I did, until I “turned” off her muscles. The process of doing that was met with a resounding, “HOW DID YOU DO THAT????? NOOOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” She was further amazed when I asked her what difficulties she was having with her reproductive organs. That was met with a “WHAT?????????????????????? I just just had a hysterectomy! I totally didn’t tel you that!” Needless-to-say, that in 45 minutes all her physical problems were resolved.

I really do like providing the people with healing touch… just not as a business anymore.


Written by Steve Miller

February 4, 2009 at 4:07 pm

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  1. Great Health Reviews Blog…


    February 4, 2009 at 4:14 pm

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    February 4, 2009 at 4:37 pm

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  4. Dear Steve,

    The reason I put this e-mail here is because something deeply touched me when I saw your you-tube video regarding homosexuality and anal sex.I was so touched by the way you talked about this two subjects.
    As a medical doctor and person with a lot of passion I’ve always been very interested in our divine temple – being our body.It is so true that here on planeth earth there is great diversity and more understanding is needed by many about this beautiful aspect of diversity.
    So also regarding sexuality / sexual orientation there is a great diversity , and it was ment to be like this !!!!!!!! When will the mass consciousness understand that diversity is a Great aspect of the divine plan. There is a strong held belief by the mass consciousness to comform , to make everyone think the same way about a lot of aspects of live, how to live , which material things to gather, which way to earn money etc. so also regarding sexual orientation there is still a strong held belief that homosexuality is ” not normal ”, the more and more people begin to accept homosexuality but still there is a sort of belief that it is still a ‘deviated’ form of sexuality , just because the mass consciousness can’t accept the fact that there are men which are sexual attracted by other men. In fact it is just as simple as one person loving the color red and the other loving more the color blue. It is just the same thing. it’s about diversity. The fact that homosexuality is such a hot topic is because ‘sex and sexuality ‘ are still themes wich a lot of ”pressure ” on it. And this is created only and only by us – human beings here on planeth earth. There is never a GOD or a divine power which putted a sort of guilt and shame on these themes ,NO it is created by human beings ,by religion , by setting out some rules to obey …
    As a healthy joyous man I have walked a long way to accept my own strong homosexual feelings. In my childhood I learned to reject this feelings , I learned from ‘ the society’ that it was ‘ not normal’ . Nowadays – after a long way – I now do realise that it is just an aspect of diversity.
    Besides my strong homosexual feelings I also enjoy intimacy with women ( so I’m a special ‘ diversity – specialist !! haha)but I prefer that strong sexual energy between healthy ,joyous – good -in- their- body- and -mind men .I have in mind to write a book about sex and sexuality to undo this theme from its ‘ heavy – loaded – guilt and shame aspect ‘ to make people clear that homosexuality is just a variant of the whole sexual orientatins that there is.And as a medical doctor and as a healthy joyous young man I have seen the detrimental effect of not allowing the own sexual orientation because of the fear for rejection out of the environment
    I’m really enjoying a lot that I share this with you , even though I don’t know you it feels very good to say this to you. I also have in mind to create my own website regarding a perfect good health.In fact the website is already under construction.
    The last thing I want to say is that I can recommend the daily quotations from Abraham . Maybe you know them also . You can see it on

    I’d love to hear your reaction , for some reason I not profoundly know it is very important that I shared this with you.

    Thanks for the video on you tube !! wonderful !!

    have a wonderful day
    A joyous healthy man from Europe

    a joyous healthy man

    February 5, 2009 at 8:55 am

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