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I often get asked what I miss most about Korea when interacting with my friends and family here in the US. Truth be told, the thing I miss most is mass transportation. I really got used to not only walking everywhere, but being able to hop on a bus or train to get where ever I needed to go. The US is definitely a car culture and I find it odd not having a car to get around. But I make do.

I’ve also been hitting the job market. There are a few jobs out there that I find interesting, but for the most part, nothing is really grabbing my interest, so I’m content with finding just something to fill the time until something better comes along.

The Coffee Press

The Coffee Press

The extra time also has allowed me to really play with some video equipment, but truth be told, it’s getting quite aggravating. You see, I’ve shot a great video on coffee (I know, what a stretch!), but it’s not rendering the way I want it to. This is the second thing that’s been broken on my edition of Final Cut Studio (the first was the ability to process mp3s). I really need to get a job, so I can upgrade to Final Cut Studio 2. The fresh install and upgrades to products will make a difference. I also need to get that external mic for an upcoming shoot.

But probably the most significant change in recent days has been my engagement to Jo. She is absolutely nothing short of amazing and I’m ecstatic that she accepted my proposal. There really aren’t words available to fully express how I feel about her… but the thesaurus seems to think the most appropriate word is ginormous.


Written by Steve Miller

January 12, 2009 at 11:53 am

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  1. Wow… congratulations! I hope you find time to also introduce her to us out in blogland!


    January 12, 2009 at 8:11 pm

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