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Coffee, Tea, or Me?

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Bodum Coffee Press

Bodum Coffee Press

In my opinion, there is not a better way to start out the day than with a nice cup of coffee. Now there are several ways to go about getting this delightful beverage into a mug for drinking. They range from using *shudder* instant brands of freeze-dried coffee to high-end espresso machines that are so complex it looks as if they might even do your laundry. However, the two most popular ways of making coffee are drip-brewing and the coffee press.

It certainly easy to make coffee in a drip-brew machine, but you loose out on some of what I think makes coffee a great beverage. The process of actually making coffee. So for me, using a coffee press is the ideal way to make that wonderful beverage each morning.

Over the years, the coffee press has had a number of names. They’ve been called Coffee Plungers, cafetière à piston, melior, and cafetière. No matter the name, the device is the same. A metal or glass cylinder with a plunging device equipped with a metal mesh. Coffee grounds are placed at the bottom of the container and off-boil water is added. Four minutes later, the coffee is ready. Simply press the plunger to the bottom to secure the coffee grounds out of the way.

It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s well worth it. You see when using a drip-brew system, a filter is required. The paper or mesh system traps the coffee beans’ essential oils and distorts its true taste. Brewing coffee in water releases these oils for a fuller flavor.

The other benefit of using a coffee press is that it can be used to make tea. Now I personally recommend having separate presses for coffee and tea, as some residual flavor from the coffee may spill over, but it isn’t necessary. After steeping your tea bags, or preferably loose leaf tea, you press the plunger down to stop the brewing process.


Written by Steve Miller

January 10, 2009 at 8:34 am

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