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Oh the things that come across my mailbox…

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Really now???

Really now???

Are you gay?

Do you have cancer?

Can I have your babies?

Believe it or not, these are all questions that I have received in my inbox at one time or another. They are usually framed in some sort of larger context, but for the most part they stick out like a sore thumb when I read the message. I’m not sure why I get them, but they come with a fair amount of regularity. While I certainly do not owe any answers, I thought I’d address them here in an attempt to reduce the burden on mailbox.

Are you gay?

Does it really matter? Why does anyone’s sexuality truly matter in passing conversation. That’s something that is usually reserved for closer friends. But to put a direct answer to the question, I am not gay.

I do have many gay friends and I want to be more involved in the Gay Community. This is because of my religious background and the feeling that the Church has done much in the past to ostracize the Community and I’d like to attempt to rebuild some bridges and open dialog in a loving way. I am a fervent supporter of civil rights, but at the same time I really don’t take myself too seriously… maybe that’s why people think I’m gay. Or maybe it’s the ABBA.

Do you have cancer?

This is another question I really don’t understand. I know I’m bald and that I’ve shed some weight recently, but if I did have cancer, why would I disclose it on the Internet? For the record, I do not have cancer or any other illnesses. I’ve been shaving my head consistently since 2002 and off and on since 1996. It’s nothing new. The reason I lost so much weight recently is do to the fact that in Korea, meals are proportioned smaller and I walk a lot. It’s a good 20 minutes to school, not to mention up and down the stairs, trips to the market, and the running I try to get in week days. Then there’s the sight seeing I try to get done on the weekend. Eating three smaller meals a day and walking/running close to 6 miles (10km) a day tends to make one lose weight. When I left the states I was coming off of 6 months of being immobile from an injury and I weighed about 210 pounds (95kg). Since coming to Korea I weigh about 190 pounds (86kg).

Can I have your babies?

I didn’t realize I had any to give. That being said, I am in a relationship with a wonderful woman that, while we are separated by distance at the moment, we have managed to solidify our relationship and grow closer.


Written by Steve Miller

November 24, 2008 at 10:19 am

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  1. I met this woman at a Sophie B. Hawkins concert and at one of the concerts (we both stalked Ms Hawkins quite extensively, lol) she was wearing this ‘Canteen’ bandana. [‘Canteen’ is this children’s charity often associated with cancer.] And apparently all these people kept coming up to her in the night and saying how proud they were of her, and asking how her treatment was going… and she had to explain to them that she wasn’t wearing it to cover up the symptoms of leukemia treatment, she just LIKED wearing it and bought it to support the charity.

    John Lacey

    November 24, 2008 at 8:00 pm

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