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4 Months…

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4 Months...

4 Months...

As I sit here typing this, I find it odd that I’ve been in Korea for 4 moths. That I’ve served as an educator to young minds for this long and have been experiencing live in a new (although be it old) country. My day-to-day life really hasn’t changed all that much, but there are somethings I have noticed about myself that, quite honestly, are surprising.

First, I never thought I would love teaching this much. I mean, I really love teaching. It is something I can see myself doing for a very long time. And while I am not planing on being an ESL instructor past this upcoming June, I am looking forward to returning to school in January 2010 and pursuing my other educational dream and path.

Second, I never imagined that I would become proficient at writing upside down. I look back at when I was in school and I marveled at how teachers could not only read that way (of which I am also fluent at), but construct complex sentences while writing opposite me at my student desk.

Finally, I saw a bit of news that really surprised me today. The latest polls show Barack Obama with an impressive Electoral College lead. Being abroad, I’ve toned out most of the pathetic drivel in mainstream media and haven’t paid much attention to the sound bites (and yes I voted already). But the sheer number being quoted really surprised me. I thought it would be a closer election. Time will tell though, as many more people are more apt to complete a survey than actually go out and vote.


Written by Steve Miller

October 16, 2008 at 9:59 am

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