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Its Korea Baby!

It's Korea Baby!

I hope you’re doing well. This entry will be more of a status update, as I’m approaching 4 months here in Korea. While there have certainly been some bumps in the road, I’m having a great time and looking forward to see some really cool things over the next 8 months. One of the things that was keeping me down was the flu or cold… or so I thought. It is actually a reaction to the pollution here. So for the next year, I’ll have to take anti-mucus meds to help keep things under control. I’m not too wild about that… but let’s face it… walking down the street coughing up phlegm isn’t exactly attractive either.

So now that I have that problem taken care of… it’s on to explore things! After last weekend’s excursions into Seoul to see KBS and the COEX, I’m ready for more! So what do I have in store????

Dobongsan Ridge

Dobongsan Ridge

Saturday, I’m planing my first major hike in Korea. It will be an all day excursion to Dobongsan. This little 10k (6.2m) hike will take me up a few hundred meters (close to an altitude of 3600ft.). I’m really looking forward to pushing myself and getting into the outdoors again. The region looks great, but one of the nicer things about the hike is that I can do it all by public transport. Well, not the hike… but Bus into Seoul, then Metro out to the start of the trail, and finally end up at another metro station at the end. The Seoul City Guide did a nice write-up on the trail (p.82 if you’re interested in find out some more details before I go).

The following weekend, I’m looking to head closer to home by visiting the nearby Korean Folk Village. This is a trip I may opt to drag a few teachers along for. I’ve been wanting to do this trip for some time. Things just have always popped up that have prevented me from doing so. But I really want to get out there and see some of the exhibits and see new things. It should prove to be a real interesting day.

But the thing I’m most looking forward to at this moment is a trip north to the DMZ and North Korea. It’s an all day affair that goes over the history of the countries, Korean War, and steps being made towards reunification. As an American, I will also be able to enter North Korea and travel to Panmunjom, inside the Joint Security Area. It will be awesome!


Written by Steve Miller

October 9, 2008 at 8:37 am

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  1. Looking forward to the DMZ and N Korea pics! Wonder how many pics they’ll let you take???


    October 9, 2008 at 6:57 pm

  2. Oh, I’ll be bringing my cameras with me. It’s a tourist area, so something will be allowed to be taken.


    October 10, 2008 at 8:44 am

  3. So you will be touring Pyongyang and Gaeseong? Hope you can talk with North Koreans.

    By the way, you seem to be getting cold quite often. Perhaps it has to do with sharp changes in the temperature as well as the pollution. Try citron or ginger tea. I also recommend arrowroot and ginseng juice.


    October 10, 2008 at 1:00 pm

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