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Three Things on a Thursday…

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Its great to be abroad.


I awoke this morning, as I always do during the week, to a jazzy tune on my alarm device. As is my normal custom, I quickly shut it off, for as much as I enjoy getting up in the morning, I really hate the noise and would rather concentrate on my morning rituals of prayer and putting the kettle on for coffee.

Once those items were taken care of, I powered up my laptop and opened my mailbox. I quickly noticed an e-mail message from an address that came up in Korean. I was a bit perplexed as who this might be, since I had previously switched all my Korean contacts over to their English names. I was quite pleased when I read the message that it was from a former student.

From time to time, we are given the opportunity to teach some really special kids that come to the school for some special tutoring right before they leave Korea to study abroad. This was one such individual. He’s in California at a boarding school and it was great to hear from him and see how things have progressed in the month he’s been there. With any luck, we’ll be able to connect when he returns home at the end of the year for a more in-depth conversation.

The second and third thing of interest that happened this morning came during my morning run. Since I usually run at the same time every day (isn’t it great having a stable routine?), I often see some of the same people on the footpath. There are two women who walk these cute Shih-tzus each day and an older woman with a hip problem that walks about 3km a day. Over the last month, the injured woman and I have exchanged, “Annong haseyos,” in passing, but today was a little different.

You see, each day I see her, I’ve noticed that her limp is dissipating. In fact, today she walked with little in the way of a limp. It made me feel very good, deep inside that she was making such progress. What was even more special, is that as we’ve been exchanging greetings in the mornings, she’s really become more friendly. Today she almost got into a little trot, and took off her visor to greet me good morning. I loved it.

Still running next to the river, I saw something new. Now normally there tons of ducks swimming in the river, or more comically sleeping on one raised foot. But to my surprise this morning, there was a crane wading through the river. It’s times like these, I really wish there was some sort of high resolution camera designed for runners. It would have been great to capture the crane. Maybe next time…

One of the last things that I’ve been wrestling with the past few weeks has been about my future. You see, I really enjoy living abroad and traveling. I simply can’t see myself settling down in the US – ever. There’s just too many neat places to see and experience. Traveling there for a few weeks isn’t enough to learn about the culture and really meet the people. So at this juncture, I’ve decided to live the ex-pat life and not make the US my home. This isn’t to say that I won’t be visiting my family and friends, but I just can’t bring myself to live the American Lifestyle anymore.


Written by Steve Miller

September 11, 2008 at 10:12 am

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