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I really do love sepia tone...

I really do love sepia tone...

The end of the week is here and I am happy to say that things have calmed down quite a bit. All the major issues that happened on Monday have been resolved, for the most part. In fact this last week has been quite a bit of fun with the two new teachers. This afternoon, two additional teachers will arrive… the ones that were supposed to be here on Monday that contributed the issues at hand (it wasn’t their fault, but rather issues with their visas being processed).

So let’s talk about my classes…

First up, the MWF group. The core of my classes have largely remained unchanged; however, I have two new Language classes. In addition, one of my Language classes was swapped to a Reading class. I only have one special class on MWF now, a Newspaper Comprehension class with two advanced English learners. They’re fantastic girls who really enjoy learning more about the cultural side of the countries that are depicted in the newspapers we’re given (The Guardian, The Australian, The Washington Post, and The New York Times).

Tu/Th is a mess. I say this because I had a really good group on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Out of all my classes, only one remained with me. Everything else is new. Most of the new language classes are starting out on Chapter One, so it gives me a good foundation to really build them up, although the higher levels that have been here for a while need some work (maybe that’s just because I expect more from my students than other teachers). The reading classes are all right, but need some extra work, since some of their previous instructors opted not to do everything in the lesson plans. I don’t always agree with what is in the plan, but some of the core stuff was skipped and that isn’t right.

But now with a full load of teachers, we should flush things out smoothly.

And it’s the weekend… so I’m finally going to see Mamma Mia!! and let my inner ABBA shine through. I’ve been waiting for this film to come out here for a long time, since the play is one of my favorites. I’ve had the Motion Picture album for a while and recently saw the DVD rip on torrent sites. After the movie, I’ll pop on over to Starbucks for a treat and then down 6 floors to The Outback Steakhouse for a nice dinner.

Next weekend is Chusok, so I’m looking forward to an extra day off!


Written by Steve Miller

September 5, 2008 at 6:52 am

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