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Good Morning.

Good Morning.

Since 1992 my mornings have largely started out the same… and has been my own little reality check on the world to ensure that everything is right and in order. I get up and make a pot of coffee. I either read the paper or check some online sources and settle into the day with the sun coming up. I tell you, I love that routine. It’s even better up in the mountains.

This is my last week until vacation, and I really can’t wait. Not because I need a vacation, but because I need a break from the mindless crap that’s being shoveled on my plate. Now this happens with any job, but this isn’t the time for it to happen. Why? It’s parents week. That’s right, Moms are coming to the school all week to observe our teaching styles and essentially evaluate the school to see if they want their students to continued to be enrolled (and thus earning me a pay check).

Here are some of the highlights after one day:

1) The class that the directors pushed me to level-up from 1.5 to 2.1 will not be starting 2.1 until after the Special Summer session. Meaning that five minutes before I was set to teach their first 2.1 class, I was informed that I needed to develop three new review classes to cover 1.5.

2) My 1.5 Language and Writing class opted not to bring their books to school yesterday, meaning I had to punt, on the spot, and create a new lesson on the fly… with two mothers in the room. Apparently it worked. The mothers were quite impressed.

3) My reading class finished their book last week, so I’ve had to create new review lessons this week. That I enjoy. However, having the “basic” reader in this “intermediate” class, makes everything so much harder and brings down the educational drive of my good student. At least when I come back from vacation, I’ll not have to deal with that aspect.

4) I have a 1.3 Phonics class that is supposed to start 1.4 Language and writing today. Supposed, being the operative word. I don’t know. It will be also interesting, because Friday is essay day. They’ve never written one.

5) The rest of the classes will be a breeze.

The other teachers are stressing out over parents week. I think it’s a blast, because I know what I’m doing and how to relate to the kids. I even don’t really mind these little “changes.” I just mind not being told about them until the last minute.

6) Today is payday. Finally.

Then I get a week off. I still haven’t mastered the travel situation here, but I’ll be making a few calls today. The first of which being to the USO. They have a DMZ tour that sounds top-notch and is supposed to be awesome (and about half-priced compared to the Korean groups). I hope I can make it. There are also a few palaces and fortresses I want to see here in my local area. The final two places I want to go include a natural hotsprings and a national park. I’m not sure I can make the park, but it sounds beautiful. I’ll be doing most of it on the fly. Fun times.

As for an update on the session yesterday… I just performed a limited 30 minute session to evaluate things. Needless-to-say, 30 minutes can’t resolve a life-time of pain… especially when you then spend the rest of the day walking around and shopping. Oh well.


Written by Steve Miller

July 15, 2008 at 7:09 am

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