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DrearyIt’s been a little delayed… but it is finally here. The rainy season, or at least what feels like the start of it. When I woke up this morning, the sky was gray, and when I checked the immediate forcast, it called for showers. The Weathe Channel forcast called for light to moderate showers all day, with some clearing in the later evening. I hope that happens. Since this is what is to take place over the next few weeks, I’m torn whether or not to take my laptop into work with me.

Sure the pack I have is reinforced, but I still don’t like the idea of a 30 minute walk to work in the rain, with my only covering a $2 umbrella. But seeing as how I need the data on my computer for a few classes, I believe I am out of options.

The rain really doesn’t bother me. In fact, if I didn’t have to lug the computer around to work, I’d be totally enjoying it even more (I think it’s the effect of living in the desert for so long). The one thing that does bother me a bit, is that I will not be able to explore this weekend, or really in the immediate future, because of rain on the weekends.


I do have som plans and places I want to go. There’s a mud festival that folks are thinking about participating in on the 12th July. I also want to tour the DMZ. I think that would be an awesome experience. Not to mention the large number of historical places here in Korea. I have a bead on a temple I really want to visit… and I still need to hit the reflexology garden. I think that if there’s a clear spot of weather this weekend, I’ll shoot that video.

In other news… I’ve found a website that has basic Korean Phrases. There’s a series of them, broken down to conversational sections. I think I’m going to print off a few pages at work today and use that to study this week. I’ve also found a website that can teach me Hangul. I’m pretty excited about that.


Written by Steve Miller

July 2, 2008 at 9:38 am

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