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Ah yes… homosexuality. It’s an interesting topic to say the least, especially here in the United States, where people cannot, in most instances, think for themselves. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I can have a thoughtful and honest conversation, even if opinions can differ. But what really amazes me is how closely tied to religion the stigma of homosexuality is and how uneducated many are in their own faiths.

To be clear, homosexuality is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Same sex orientation has been observed in over 1500 vertebrate and invertebrate species besides man. The notion that desiring one’s same sex is a choice simply doesn’t hold up under that daunting evidence. Furthermore, the ever-pervasive notion that “God hates fags” is ridiculous. For if God is responsible for all life on the planet, then He created animals that practice homosexuality. And God, being who He is, does not make mistakes. Therefore, it stands to reason that homosexuality is not a mistake.

But organized religion does offer some stumbling blocks. Of course there are several religions of the world, but for purposes of this discussion I will address two of the Abrahamic religions – Christianity and Judaism. Specifically, I will further narrow my efforts to one passage:

“Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.” – Leviticus 18:20 (NIV)

This is most often the line in the Old Testament used to justify anti-gay legislation and hate speech. But let’s look at it closely. It discusses nothing about homosexuality. NOTHING. The passage only discusses anal sex – and only anal sex among the Jews. That’s it, and that is a very important fact. If you were not Jewish, the laws did not apply to you.

You see this passage is part of what is commonly referred to as “The Holy Code” – the set of requirements God set for the nation of Israel. The rules for the Israelites to be holy, avoid sin, and “be right” with Him. The Holy Code is the foundation of the Old Covenant with God.

Followers of Christ are no longer bound by these rules, as the “New Covenant” as established though Jesus Christ is the binding factor. It’s because of this New Covenant that Christians are able to eat shell fish, have tattoos, sleep in the same beds as their wives when they have their monthly flows, and a whole list of other items the Lord once prohibited. Many uneducated Christians are quick to cite Leviticus as justification for anti-homosexual opinions, but clearly God would not begin a new covenant and absolve all the previous laws but one.


The purpose of the Leviticus passage above was to prohibit semen from being wasted (as was also listed as a sin in Leviticus). During this time, God wanted the people of Israel to flourish and spread. By prohibiting anal sex and the spilling of semen, God provided instructions on how to accomplish this. However, as I stated earlier, followers of Christ are no longer bound to this (and other) rule(s), as the manner in which the Kingdom is advanced is by one of Spirit.

But what about Jews today? Since Jewish people do not acknowledge Jesus as the Christ, they, as a people, are bound by the restrictions of the Old Covenant. Or are they?

In the United States there are three main branches of Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. To confuse matters more, all three have differing views on homosexuality and anal sex. Also, many in the Orthodox branch do not recognize Conservative and Reform Jews as part of the Jewish population.

Reform Judaism, which focuses on the teachings of Jewish Law as a guideline to adapt to the modern world, embraces diversity and accepts homosexuality as a natural state of being. As such, anal sex is accepted, although not widely discussed. It should be noted that Reform Judaism is sometimes thought of more as a philosophy rather than a religion, since “The Gates of Prayer” contains an entire Shabbat service that never mentions God (in English).

Conservative Judaism was formed as a way to bridge those in the Reform Movement to the Orthodox population. Their stance on homosexuality and anal sex reflects this. They believe that homosexuality is a normal facet of life, but the Leviticus passage prohibits anal sex and is therefore considered sinful.

That leaves the Orthodox Branch. Often self-described as the only real Jews, members of this branch hold fast to the words of Jewish Law. They believe that both homosexual behavior and anal sex are wrong and sins before the eyes of God.

So what does this tell us?

Simply put, anal sex should only be considered a sin if you are an Orthodox or Conservative Jew. If you are not a member of these groups, then in the eyes of God, the Laws laid out in Leviticus do not apply to you. Furthermore, if you are a follower of Christ, then the New Covenant sets the standard for your conduct, not the Old Covenant.



Written by Steve Miller

May 11, 2008 at 5:00 am

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