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Since 2005, I’ve been wanting to leave Arizona. There’s just been something in me that needed to be let loose. That’s one of the reasons I traveled around the US in 2006 (taking some awesome pictures). When I was scheduled to move to Australia, the question was asked, “How will I deal with the serious lacking of Mexican food there?”

I had never really thought about it, but it did bother me to some extent, since I really love the food and hate travel for extended periods away from the southwest, since no where else in the US do they get it right. Luckily, I’m a better-than-average cook and can approximate authentic Mexican food regardless of where I am, as long as I have some decent spices.

When I was completing the last section in my TEFL training, the focus was on adjusting to cultural changes and the subject of food rose once more. This got me thinking of all the great food I am going to be able to try (and eat). But is there anything I’m going to miss?

Sadly the realization came that there is one food that I doubt will be easily available in Korea… Country Fried Steak.


There’s just something about the battery goodness and white gravy that makes me melt. I remember, very fondly, growing up in Texas I lived for the days that the schools elected to serve this delicious meal. The pounded steak, batter, and gravy just made school all that more exciting. Even today, when I go out to a steak house, I’d rather have this than a big, fat steak. There’s just something about it.

So, yeah… I’m going to miss that…

My question to you… if you were to move to another country, or go on extended holiday, is there a food you’d really miss? Is there something that you crave? Is there something that as soon as you see it, you start salivating?


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Written by Steve Miller

May 3, 2008 at 4:00 am

Posted in Food, General Update, Thoughts

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